Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip Part 3. Bright Angel Campground to Indian Garden Campground

Day 3 of our adventure had us hiking from Bright Angel Campground to Indian Garden Campground where we would spend our last night. The distance is approximately 4.7 miles. The day was as beautiful as the previous day was. This section of the hike was much more lush than what we experienced on the way down. There were creeks crossing the trail in places, and we continued to see beautiful and amazing scenery.  

I found myself torn between taking photos and just taking in the moment so I tried to do both.

Indian Garden Campground offered water taps and toilets. Our campsite had a picnic table under a shelter with a great view. 

During our conversation with one man the previous evening at Phantom Ranch it was recommended we hike to Plateau Point to watch the sunset. It was 1.5 miles each way, as we could see frim the signs as we arrived at Indian Garden, and we wondered if we should hike the extra 3 miles on our sore legs. We ran into a couple of groups that we had met the previous day. One group was couple who were with a guide, and the other was a group of four that had a younger couple with 2 older men, one who was 82 ! We found out they were all hiking out for the sunset and so we knew we could not miss out on it, even if we were tired. After our dinner, which was a mountain house dehydrated meal, we felt ready to head out for sunset. We were so glad we did. Many other people showed up there as well. We were hiking a more horizontal trail this time which gave way to a completely different view . 

After sunset we arrived back at Indian Garden feeling at peace with the experiences we had that day. This would be our last night and the next day would be our final hike back to the South Rim. 


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