Part 4 of our Grand Canyon Adventure. 

Our last day was our hike from Indian Garden back to the south rim. We would end our adventure right near the Bright Angel lodge where we spent the night before leaving. We were very aware that this day was the end of an adventure we had anticipated for months. It was hard to believe it was almost over. We were tired now, and as we approached the rim, we crossed paths with the other group, with the older gentlemen that we had been crossing paths with over the past couple of days. It was a very steep uphill climb with many switchbacks. As we got closer to the top we passed many dayhikers just doing short hikes. It made me appreciate how much we had seen, and realize that we were among a much smaller group of people who make the journey to the bottom. We were tired now and rested often looking forward to being finished and getting a nice hot shower, a burger, and sleeping in a bed. 

When we reached the top it was bittersweet. Our adventure was over. As we found our car we ran into the group of four hikers again. We congratulated each other and hugged each other. As we pulled out of the parking lot we realized that we didn’t even get some of the names of the people we had met,but yet we all felt connected having completed a common goal. Wow, that was fun! 


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